CompanyAnthony Wilson, Ilona Halim
ClientAnthony Wilson Ilona Halim
Prize2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Lighting
Entry Description

Inspired from basic shapes and silhouettes, Fino was designed to it on every desk. While being simple and slim with a single curved lamp and three-legged stand, it exudes an air of elegance and modesty. It has two main features that makes it user friendly. The first was, its flexibility. The position of the lamp can be adjusted according to the user's need. With the flexible duff silicone coating, while being easily bendable, the light gloss of the material is much easier on the eye than the sharp glint of metals. The second was it's adjustable brightness. A light tap is just enough to turn on the light, and holding it will increase the brightness of the lamp. When it reaches maximum brightness, it can be dimmed by pressing it for a longer duration.