Baan Citta

Entry Description

The key design concept was to create a Shambhala on Earth – a mythical kingdom described as the “Pure land” in ancient Buddhist texts. Buddhists believe that the creation of Shambhala is the creation of the ultimate spiritual paradise. In setting out to do so, the designer took an unorthodox approach; instead of playing with form, space and objects of the interior, the designer focused on playing with the ambience and feel of the home to create a flow of positive energy and to build a serene utopia. The interior expands into an infinitely open space, allowing the home owners a sense of carefree freedom. The house is leveled with different platforms and staircases as a way to create partitions to the different zones in the house. This not only allows for privacy but also allows for an unobstructed view of and invitation for the natural environment that envelopes the exterior. One of the most calming yet surprising aspects of the Baan Citta design is the use of colour. Conservatively, neutral colours are the prominent colour scheme chosen by designers for modern homes. However, the designer’s visit to Bhutan opened her eyes to a breakthrough concept that a sense of calmness and peace can in fact co-exist with the joys of colour when it comes to design. Baan Citta demonstrates the modernity of the joys of colour on a neutral palette amidst the colours of Earth in nature. Floor-to-ceiling windows further allow for the play of the natural and the artificial colours to co-exist in one residence. The key is to wholly and completely embrace nature – Bring in the colours, sounds and smells and being at peace with them.

About Designer

THE XSS LIMITED is an innovative design house based in Hong Kong with a studio in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded by Catherine Cheung, its impressive portfolio consists of architectural, interior design and outdoor landscaping projects across the Asia Pacific. XSS stands for “extra small” and “small”, which represents the tenacity of examining every fine detail in order to transform the designs in highly-successful reality in every single nook and cranny of a building. Constantly pushing the boundaries of architecture and design, Catherine’s work revolves around her philosophy of balancing aesthetics with functionality, as well as building a relationship with all her clients to understand who they are how they live so she can begin to design a space that fits their personality and desires. Whether it’s residential, commercial, landscaping or architectural, for Catherine, design is an art. Creating seamless flows between different zones and paying meticulous attention to detail is what transforms the most basic space into a true masterpiece. It is Catherine’s fearlessness of being innovative that sets her projects far apart from the rest, giving them a unique touch that radiates her passion for architecture, interior design and landscape.