Brockman Mining Limited

DesignerCatherine Cheung
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Situated within the iconic International Finance Center in Central, Hong Kong, the owner’s one key requirement for the design was to ensure that respect was paid to the reputation and location of the space. The designer believed that considering the relationship between the office interior and the office surroundings was fundamental to achieving the balance that such an amazing building deserved. Aligning the prestige with a less than stereotypical office design, the designer implemented a very brave functionally geometric design that paid off. The designer visualized the inside of a mine, picturing the different stones and surfaces, looking at the variety of faces, structures and geometric lines for inspiration. In doing so, the designer transformed the interior into a maze of steel and glass, but strategically also ensuring that the space remained a comfortable and efficient oasis by prioritizing the invitation of the exterior into the interior. The designer also contracted a neutral and fitting colour scheme with an array of whites, greys, blacks and silvers. These colours not only rounded up the interior balance, but it also gave the inflowing rays of natural elements a platform to be exhibited; warm rays of sun reflected against the white table tops as an insistence of more natural light, whereas the beams also softened the darker shades and lines to avoid the rigid office atmosphere. Transitional space was also a crucial aspect to completing the comforting atmosphere. The designer made sure to tie the different office spaces and corners in order to enhance the expansive office area and thus also enhance each person’s personal space; simple geometric ornaments and flora prove effective in contentedly linking each corner.

About Designer

THE XSS LIMITED is an innovative design house based in Hong Kong with a studio in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded by Catherine Cheung, its impressive portfolio consists of architectural, interior design and outdoor landscaping projects across the Asia Pacific. XSS stands for “extra small” and “small”, which represents the tenacity of examining every fine detail in order to transform the designs in highly-successful reality in every single nook and cranny of a building. Constantly pushing the boundaries of architecture and design, Catherine’s work revolves around her philosophy of balancing aesthetics with functionality, as well as building a relationship with all her clients to understand who they are how they live so she can begin to design a space that fits their personality and desires. Whether it’s residential, commercial, landscaping or architectural, for Catherine, design is an art. Creating seamless flows between different zones and paying meticulous attention to detail is what transforms the most basic space into a true masterpiece. It is Catherine’s fearlessness of being innovative that sets her projects far apart from the rest, giving them a unique touch that radiates her passion for architecture, interior design and landscape.