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CompanyThe Agency
ClientPhil Blackmore
DesignerSaman Mansourpour
PrizeHonorable Mention
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How do you take four separate councils, four varying identities, four sets of differing targets – and present them as a Prime Investment Opportunity to a global business audience? Simple. You remove the complexities and politics of the task and instead focus on the real strengths of each region in the UK, so that you can package them all up into one united offering. A Super Region. And one that can compete at an international scale. Our Super Region (or the South West of England as you might know it) has been home to some of the world’s most significant discoveries, such as breakthroughs in aerospace engineering, and the creation of the original technology behind the microchip. It’s also home to more than 2,500 creative businesses, three world- class universities, 25 Oscars and one Dyson. In fact, the wealth created in the region is second only to London. Our remit was to tell these stories, box up the magic and create an identity that showcased why this is the singular region to invest in. So that an ambitious inward investment team could secure multi-million pound commercial deals from overseas conglomerates and private investors. The long term objectives are: • To attract 200 fast growth companies to the region • Stimulate construction and wealth creation over the next 25-years • Create 4,000 new skilled job opportunities by 2017

About Designer

An integrated marketing professional with a background in digital communications, experienced company director and co-founder of multi award winning communications firm, The Agency. (2013 Winner of MI Networks "Agency of the Year" and ranked in the UK's Top 100 Advertising Agencies by RAR, Top 100 Design Agencies and Top 100 Digital Agencies by The Drum Magazine).