West Elm Logo

DesignerMona Bagla
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The rebranding for West Elm combines together the very emotions the brand sells through its products, that is to create a warmth and happiness in one’s home. The warm colours are a reminder of spring and sunshine. The green indicates the growth and the changes that takes place in our lives. Our homes are witness to all this. The different parts of the leaves symbolizes the different rooms in a home.

About Designer

I am — a colour-addict. An addiction that touches on all aspects of my life. Work and education has taken me from diversity of Virginia and Washington, D.C. to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Florida on to the cornfields of the Mid-West of USA, to the sparkling skyline of New York City and back to the multi-coloured magic of my homeland India, that bestowed me with the title of ‘An Art Director for a Billion Indian’s’ during my term at Philips Design. However, the irresistible, energetic and mesmerizing magic of New York City drew me back into its fold. The passion for design and the aspiration to touch lives, to make a positive difference and leave behind a powerful imprint with my talent is what has always driven me and continues to do so still. The curiosity to learn, explore and get accustomed with new and varied cultures gives me the spring in my step. When I’m not playing with colours or designs, the next best place to find me is swaying to the beats of Indian, Spanish or Arabic music, or deep in conversations over coffee and wine with friends. Design, music, art, conversations, love and smiles are all that make me, me.