Little Oriole

CompanyKKlabs Inc.
ClientChungming Yang
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

This picture book is about journey, search, and self- identity process of a Little Oriole. The story starts from one little bird’s questions-- “who am I?” and “where am I from?”. Little Oriole is a Taiwanese bird and the beautiful scenery is located at Taiwan East Coast. The entire Little Oriole is illustrated with Watermark Woodcut Print. Used in ancient China to replicate religious images and reproduce ink paintings, Woodcut Print greatly influenced the Japanese Ukiyo-e as well as modern Print. The rich characteristics of the Watermark Woodcut Prints drive from the control of several factors in the printing process: the choice of wood, paper, and water-based paintings, along with different levels of the water content and drying time. Highlight of this book and the package including: - Combination of lithograph and letterpress printing: Words are printed with blackgold ink at 120 degree Celsius and the selection of Chinese characters adds modern flavor to this ancient style book. - Wool paper for cover and Rice paper for inner pages. Different from most paper books, wool paper and rice paper are selected with its rough touch which matches with the quality of watermark woodcut printing. - The improved thread-bound binding method aims to increase stability and sustainability - Hand-made Paulownia wood box by Taiwanese senior masters for good collection of this book - Supplemental Waterprint Woodcut tool kits packed in specially designed cotton bag.