CompanyUwood Furniture Corp
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In today’s society, the wooden furniture can barely be transformed into customers’ variety of needs. That’s why we added the variability to our AQUARIUS. The AQUARIUS includes many same units. Based on how much space you have, it could be transformed without using any tools. Each independent unit can be stacked up; in order to be moved easily. The materials of AQUARIUS are made by solid wood and splint. Because the image of wood is warm and natural, we adopt the walnut and ash. And the natural wood veins present the inheriting and spread. The back of the boards are using splint since the solid wood board is easy to deform and wet. The user can alternate the deep walnut and the light ash for the vivacity. There is no hardware in AQUARIUS. Solid wood which won’t deform or break from the junction among different materials is assembled by the mortise. Moreover, we design the part ∞ making the AQUARIUS stable and variable, based on the equilibrium. The AQUARIUS also can be both placed in the office and house because of its simple shape and different kinds of patterns.

About Designer

Our goal is to create beautiful and functional furniture that fulfills your deepest desire. Only solid woods are used as the main material which express you a natural and healthy lifestyle. Your commitment to your family will be always delivered with Uwood. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the new space with your family.