“Natural Cure”

DesignerSheung Ching Lui
Prize2nd Place in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

The architectural proposal consists of a cultivation farm, office space, conference center, retail and combined heat and power facility. From fuel production and fertilizer to cosmetics and foodstuffs seaweeds’ versatility makes it a lucrative natural resource. A thriving seaweed industry would revitalize and reinvigorate the area, reconnecting it with its vast coastline. The project focuses on Kaohsiung which will become a center for seaweed cultivation while providing seaweed based facilities for health and leisure. This will establish a flourishing seaweed industry, while providing employment and enjoyment to the people of Kaohsiung and its visitors, all year round. Research, educational and lecturing facilities could inform the public and locals on the advantages of using seaweed as a source of fuel. The conference center, and the retail space will be grouped to form one mixed used complex offering a dense and efficient program. The seaweed farm complex at Kaohsiung requires little energy to transform the raw material into a product, boats running across the water will be powered by biofuel made from seaweed, while the cultivation process aids biodiversity by providing nutrients for fish and other marine life as well as purifying the water. The cultivation system will harvest different types of algae at different location corresponding to the water location of contaminants. Since the amount of seaweed grown on each cable is different, this will create a varying façade through out the year. The seaweed cultivation system will act as a water filtration device for a company’s headquarter nearby.

About Designer

pollui studied at The Manchester School of Architecture and The University of Hong Kong, with a bachelor and master degree in architecture. Although he has been formally receiving architectural design training, his passion to design is not limited to any media. He is fascinated to all sorts of design, from graphic to spatial, from 1D to 3D. Everything inspires him. pollui believes good design should be simple and that time should be spent on appreciating a design rather than understanding it. ‘Classic with a twist’ best illustrates his design approach.