A Private Investment Firm & Family Office

CompanyRottet Studio
ClientRichard Riveire
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The client is a Los Angeles-based firm with global business and investment interests. The company name is a portmanteau of the two principal owners, using the first portions of each of their names. Located in a prestigious building in Beverly Hills, the offices are designed to reflect both the character of the Owners as well as provide a quiet, efficient workplace. The Owner’s love for minimalist architecture drove the design to be built around a minimal color palette straight-grained woods, fritted glass and white drywall; simple yet sophisticated detailing; and a very straightforward plan. The design of the space is organized around a central “living room” space wrapped by a fritted glass box. Bookshelves, furnishings, and all other elements “float” inside this glass box. Base building structure inside the box was stripped to raw steel and painted with a fireproof paint in a soft lavender color – the only “real” color in the space other than the art. The box is held top and bottom by a soft grey carpet and a wood ceiling that extends through the space connecting all the areas visually. Principal’s offices are organized at the smaller end off of the Living Room and support staff occupies the opposite wing. There is a circulation spine that connects these areas, feeding into the collaborative activity space of the Living Room. Other services such as reception, boardroom, a pantry/lunchroom, and visitor’s offices are organized around the sides of the Living Room.