NB Steak

CompanyCasa Rex
ClientGustavo Piqueira
DesignerCreative director: Gustavo Piqueira Design: Gustavo Piqueira/ Samia Jacintho / Danilo Helvadjian
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

NB Steak, a Brazilian gourmet 'churrascaria' restaurant, needed a visual identity for a new exclusive product line of gastronomy items. Keeping within NB Steak's iconic image, its monogram became a window that revealed unique visual moods for each specific product — from a delicate wave of wine to a flaming grill for its churrasco(barbecue) products — , at the same time, the all type patterns introduce each of these item's distinct universes through an elegant aesthetic, reflecting NB Steaks's high-end gourmet positioning.

About Designer

Casa Rex is a design house with operational bases in São Paulo and London. Working on a range of global projects for consumer brands at the same time as free experimentation with ideas, the design house can't-be-boxed in the traditional "agency" or "design studio" terms. To know more, please access: http://www.casarex.com