Wonder Rooms

ClientKossmann .dejong
DesignerDesign Team Kossmann.dejong
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Wonderkamers [Wonder Rooms] at the Gemeentemuseum The Hague is entirely refurbished with a new concept and design. After seven years of intensive use of Europe’s first youth museum, located in a special exhibition wing, it was time for a revamp. The basis has remained the same: young people can explore in a playful way how art can surprise and enrich us. What is innovative is that interactivity plays an integral part. Wonderkamers makes a fresh start through an approach in which the visitor lands in a story, and is given the role of curator in the overall ‘museum game’. Like real curators, the participants will be tested on their knowledge, creativity, and alertness. The Wonderkamers’ floor plan, which comprises 13 rooms surrounding a central art depot, with at its centre the Miniature Museum, transforms during the game into a spatial and interactive board game. Using a special tablet, ‘the wonder guide’, visitors navigate through the rooms in which the game is being played. Every room has been designed around a different theme: a little wonder world where every game connects the teenagers with art, architecture, fashion or design on a joyful and interactive way. They can for example dance the Boogie Woogie together with Mondrian, take part in a fashion show, build a museum building like Berlage did, zoom in on details of paintings, learn how to determine the value of artworks. The better visitors do the tests, the more points they gather, with which they can start to develop their art collection, and which they eventually put on display virtually in its own room in the Miniature Museum. This spectacular museum, which has its own miniature art collection, was specifically developed for the new Wonderkamers. To conclude the visit, the museum room will be officially inaugurated.

About Designer

Kossmann.dejong is an Amsterdam-based design studio specialising in exhibition design and interior architecture. With 20 years of experience, our portfolio includes over 80 projects worldwide, ranging from temporary and permanent exhibitions for museums to visitor centres, historic sites, brand experiences and engaging interiors. Through a combination of different media and collaboration across disciplines, we aim to design meaningful, narrative spaces that inspire visitors, appeal emotionally and provide lasting experiences.