Financial Corporation Office Space

CompanyOrange Design Ltd
ClientPhilip TSE
Entry Description

Based on the pre-requisite of this world renowned financial corporation, this office is designed with an accent of professional but discreet interior. It has an area of 2,500 square meters, accommodating 120 staffs; located in Beijing City, China. The reception area is spacious with a clean logo partition indicating its prestige identity; handmade Tibetan carpet and a classic reception desk focus on functionality. The overall atmosphere is modern with a classy touch. The open office layout makes good use of natural daylight which allowing most of the open office area to share daylight with the enclosed office space through glass office fronts, however, to keep an acoustic privacy but provide ample accessibility to daylight in these offices, clear glass panels are used on top and bottom while the panel in the middle is frosted. The work stations are fitted with the state of the high technology for efficient and effective transmission of data and information while the light grey colored panel match with a slate brown carpet flooring further reflects natural warmth and comfortably of the office. The conference facilities are one important venue in the office, it has to accommodate for the need of executive meetings, thus, it has a simple and easy environment for staff even for long hours using the facility. The main conference room has a wide wall panel to fit TP and AV equipment for conference or data display, while alongside a full height window further enhance the use of natural daylight in the office, not only an environmental friendly concept but also providing a board city view for staff to look through the clear glass for the legendary Beijing during day or night.