ClientGlen Ow
DesignerGlen Ow - Creative Director Bruce Mak - Senior Programmer Christabel Thio - Copywriter
Prize3rd Place in Multimedia / Interface Design
Entry Description

Leading the full creative direction and execution for the highly interactive multimedia interfaces of CapitaGreen, an esteemed office development, the interlinked Macro and Micro contents are showcased in difference spaces within the private experiential showsuite. The Macro multimedia showcase is a highly informational vision that has been transmitted from a presentation touch screen to an expansive projection wall. This feature wall focuses on the external context of the development’s location and surrounding amenities and includes detailed labelling over a 3D aerial plan. Layered with immersive 360 spaces and hotspot triggers, the concept also works in tandem with a physical 3D model situated in close proximity to the interface display. The Micro interface is a highly interactive feature that can be experienced through both a presentation touch screen and large touch TV within the showsuite’s mock up office space. Programmed to also interact with a 3D cross- sectional lighting model, this interface contains necessary information on the development's building features and functions and includes customized features for a more bespoke presentation. Taking the overall interactive experience a step further, the team conceptualized ‘swipe’ features that trigger an animation playback at certain junctures to provide a more immersive and interactive experience. To tie up the team’s complete marketing strategy, blanct has also created an iPad lighting automation application for a hands free showsuite presentation.

About Designer

A Branding and Interactive Agency that elucidates its ideas through a spectrum of technology-inspired media and interactive digital platforms. Helming all concepts from infancy to the final output, blanct's unique branding philosophy lets the team tailor creative ideas so as to meet each client's objectives fruitfully. With a process as bespoke as it is original, the agency's solutions are communicated across with true finesse, backed by sound marketing and branding strategies. Coupled with a forte in visualizing architecture potential and marketing international real estate industries, the agency is extremely dedicated to constant research and development, which serves to assist for an ever progressive angle to all projects undertaken.