Private Penthouse Burj Khalifa

DesignerBishop Design L.L.C
Entry Description

When you’re dealing with a luxury Penthouse in the world’s tallest building, there should be no compromises on design; it should ooze with glamour and opulence. With a $ 1.2 million budget, the Client’s brief was “a space for entertaining close family and friends”. The restraints of the 600 m2 Penthouse were very stringent from the irregular space limiting floor, low ceilings, unsightly building shafts and structural columns through to the anchor-secured external furnishings. The finished product was achieved through carefully planned spatial dynamics and surface applications with a variety of materials. Materials include Barissol illuminated membranes with silk screen printing, porviva finished wall panels, illuminated acrylic areas, glass flooring, embossed leather floor tiles, water features, bespoke and procured designer furniture, suspended nickel screens, decorative lighting, Paula Lenti crocheted area rugs, LED glass technologies with other design features mixed in using exquisite fabrics and textured layers. The milky-white scheme has a slight James Bond film set feel with sixties sculptural furniture illuminated by oversized lamps and kitsch metallic accessories. The backlit winter forest scene can be seen quite out of place but coming in from 40ºC heat, it feels peaceful and calming. A semi-transparent screen lets natural light through the areas with water trickling down creating tranquility. Multiple Living Areas are defined through metallic screens, raised uplit acrylic flooring and seating following the ovular penthouse shape with Kitchen, Dining, TV and Office areas incorporated. The color scheme introduces darker color shades and materials to the Bedrooms, creating the necessary warmth through embossed leather flooring, leather wall panels, black fur throws and silver grey textured wallpapers. The more urban exterior includes designer furniture, plush rugs and lighting creating four seating groups. We have been successful in designing a space to impress much like the location with a different design approach than many other luxury Penthouses.

About Designer

Founded by Paul and Ellen Bishop in 2004, Bishop Design L.L.C. has continuously completed projects across the entire MENA region as well as internationally. An excellent and award-winning portfolio of Commercial, Hospitality, Retail and Residential projects have been secured through recommendation, referral and repeat business – a true endorsement of the company’s abilities. The success is mainly owed to the dedication and personal touch that is applied to each and every project executed. It is through Bishop Design LLC’s execution of well-planned design solutions, extensive expertise of product knowledge and costs along with the dedicated coordination and supervision, that their portfolio holds hundreds of successfully executed projects worldwide. Utilizing state of the art materials and products incorporating bespoke custom-made pieces enables Bishop Design LLC to continually expand and develop new design methods in the ever-changing market.