Diageo’s Alexander & James

ClientAndy Thomas
DesignerAndy Thomas
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Alexander & James is a luxury online retail experience and Diageo’s first major direct-to-customer e- commerce site. The website provides a luxury experience for discerning shoppers online and is dedicated to Diageo’s collection of Reserve brands. After identifying a gap in the market, Huge worked with Diageo to create an entire brand from scratch, one for those who enjoy the world of fine spirits but find it intimidating. Huge worked with Diageo to design and develop the Alexander & James concept, branding, website, and the premium packaging. Huge examined every detail of the consumer journey and where we could add touches to make the experience as luxurious as possible. The colors and fonts feel modern yet luxurious, and the images are purposefully larger than most ecommerce experiences in the spirits category. A seamless ecommerce experience is more or less a hygiene factor today, but we took it a stage further. First, we created the most beautiful product page in the category. By presenting the spirit as it’s poured in slow motion, we brought the product to life in a totally new way. We then developed content that inspired consumers to explore before they transact. Alexander & James offers Diageo a unique opportunity to get very close to its audience. The site has been live for ten months and results are on an upward trend. Sales from July 2013 are 10 times that of launch in Jan 2013. The concept has already rolled out to Germany, with Spain following in Q1 2014.