Likeminds Identity

CompanyVruchtvlees & Festina Lente Collective
ClientBas Koopmans
Designer"Creative Direction: Remy Harrewijn","Graphic design: Bas Koopmans","Illustration Geweld: Job Wouters (Letman)","Illustration Closer: Ekta Ekta","Technical direction: Marvin de Bruin","Web development: Roeland de Betue","Production: Funs Ebus, Ilse de Vries"
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Likeminds is a theatre company that represent 4 young directors. They support their development, providing guidance and creative freedom. Likeminds needed a complete rebranding. We have kept it fresh and colorful. With a handwritten logo to keep it young and playfull without being childish. This is also reflected in the website. The total site consists of content blocks that the administrator can fill itself from the CMS. For the posters we choose to use a sharp striking typo and strong colors. With each poster we look for a cooperation between an (international) renowned illustrator and graphic designer Bas Koopmans.