WITCC Wayfinding

CompanyVisix, Inc.
ClientRobert Brown
DesignerRobert Brown
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Western Iowa Tech Community College (WITCC) wanted both traditional digital signage and interactive wayfinding in a single design for 13 displays and one video wall placed throughout the five core buildings near main entrances. The objective was to provide daily announcements with an option for interactive wayfinding to save time and effort for students and visitors, as well as alleviating the burden on their information desk. The messaging signage layout shows content created using custom branded elements. The wayfinding allows users to view a campus map and touch five buildings to view interior floor plans. Users can look up rooms and events that span the entire campus. If a room is located within one of the five core buildings, interior floor maps appear with an animated icon on the destination room. If the room is in another location, the campus map appears with an animated icon on the destination building. Students can select the class schedule button to view current and future schedules – they enter their unique 7-digit ID to view a schedule and then map to the room or building. All data pulls from WITCC’s SQL server, which provides them an easy way to update information. Custom screen layouts and message backgrounds for announcements, as well as every design element of the wayfinding (map, icons, navigation, etc.) were designed to work in concert with each other. Colors, icons, typography and overall design were coordinated to complement WITCC’s established identity while providing good contrast and visibility on large screens, as well as blending well with the interior design. The interactive hot spot allows the switch to wayfinding without intruding on the traditional signage presentation. Interactive controls placed at the bottom of the screen were incorporated to provide access based on ADA guidelines. Play with the interactive design here: http://www.visix.com/download/creative/WITCC/index.ht ml

About Designer

Visix, Inc. designs, develops and supports a suite of browser-based software applications that allows users to create, import and manage their organizational communications from anywhere and to deliver messages, media and alerts to virtually any endpoint. Our digital signage applications are browser-based to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communications by allowing easy access, creation and scheduling of content. We offer digital signage solutions, room scheduling solutions, interactive wayfinding and applications for targeted messaging to desktops and smartphones. Each of our products works independently or can be integrated into scalable deployments from a single display to large networks. Our comprehensive approach to visual communications – from concept to delivery – provides either software-only or bundled solutions, as well as multi-tier service and support options to manage and maintain dynamic visual communications. Contact Visix at 800.572.4935 or salesteam@visix.com. Visit www.visix.com for information about Visix products and services.