Passage of Time

CompanyMJ Architecture & Design
ClientMel McNally
DesignerMel McNally
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The concept name is called the CELTIC DOLMEN Irish Pub, Novosibirsk.The dolmen is the composition of three large stones holding up a huge rock. It was a place of mystic ceremony and still exists in Ireland today. The Celtic pub is a great expression of the detail and wealth of culture in Irish history. It was a period of great learning and arts and storey telling involving different tribes. Banqueting and ceremonies were held in Halls of grandeur adorned with art. Celebration included music, beer and traditional wild fowl and game. The concept for Novosibirsk allows a passage of time from Dublin, one of the oldest cities in the world, to the past, at TARA the seat of the HIGH KINGS of Ireland. The Dublin Room showcases the celebration of dancing paraphernalia and the influence of Irish Dance that still exists within Irish culture today and the celebration of the Celt’s love of festivities. To the right of the entrance area a drink stand with a Celtic metal horn blower design stands against a display of Celtic wall art. On entering the pub the bar is set between two rooms Room to the front is the TAIN – the gathering of the Chiefs. Room to the back is TARA the the Celebration of the High King. The Bar is a central bar allowing interaction between customers. A large bar with a curved splayed front bar and stepped side bars.Above is a coffer with a large mural displaying Celtic mythology.The ‘Tain’is the entertainment zone. A curved Bar is reflected by a curved metal Celtic band, stretching between metal uprights and light fittings. To the raised area is the gathering zone THE MEETING OF THE CHIEFS