Boeing Travel Direct Mail Package Influencer

CompanyQuicksilver Associates, Inc.
ClientTom Counihan
DesignerDonna Verga
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Objective was to create a distinctive direct mail piece that would remain on the desks of corporate travel buyers and encourage them to influence their clients to select Boeing and the 787 Dreamliner based on the features and benefits to the traveler of the innovative aircraft. Quicksilver designed a direct mail package that was visually appealing; showcased the airlines and routes currently available; and provided the recipient with two unique gifts: a mug made of the same carbon fiber that is used in the building of the aircraft and a set of four, laser-etched coasters featuring international destinations currently being served. Included in the package was a double-sided, tent-fold card with route map, list of features and benefits and a glamour shot of the plane.