Information Design-Tornadoes in United States

DesignerMookesh Patel
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Tornadoes in United States This project relates to research, learning, and teaching others about the recent tornadoes affecting our nation. Display where tornadoes been located in time and space. Given the complex information it displays, I organized them into different layers to convey the information clearly. Users can interact with the sheets to combine different layers of information based on their demand. Clear Layer This layer contains the EF (Enhanced Fujita Scale) of tornados, and the counties where tornados were located. Translucent Layer This layer contains EF (Enhanced Fujita Scale), max width and the location of the tornados. Background Layer This layer contains the map of United States with the state names. As the background of this system, it can help to view information of tornados.