Neuro-creativity Center

Prize1st Place in Interior Design
Entry Description

The Neuro-Creativity Center is a place for society to explore the potential of the build environment to affect our neural constructs; based on the mission of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) - to "promote and advance knowledge that links neuroscience research to a growing understanding of human responses to the built environment." It is a place designed beyond experience with a keen awareness of the powerful impact of the built environment on our sub-conscious, all founded on research from the fields of creativity and neuroscience. The Center's initial emphasis will be on the creative arts (music, art and design). The aim of the Center is to allow visitors to get a creative 'work-out' through discovery, enriching and expanding their brains as they explore the space and its interactive features. Ultimately, the Center will strive to be the consummate nurturing environment for our burgeoning creativity. The design of the Center is to foster creativity through the notion of brain plasticity, a nurturing environment and the creative process. Brain plasticity is the idea that our life experiences changes our brain throughout life. A creativity nurturing environment consists of freedom of expression; immersion in critical mass of creative people; a competitive atmosphere; and the support of mentors and patrons. Lastly, the creative process is fostered through a cycle of tension (conscious) focus contrasted with periods of release (rest and subconscious wandering). Additional features, such as neurons, zentangle (yoga for the mind), origami , nature and optical illusions drives the overall concept of the Center, where visitors will experience these elements to help elevate their creativity.