DesignerCristina Real
Prize2nd Place in Sportswear / Women_S
Entry Description

The concept comes from an intersection of ideas, but there is no specific initial shape. This collection builds itself from straight lines that shape themselves through various dashed lines, colours and materials until they reach their final shape. Inspiration comes from the emptiness, from an empty mind where the dot signals the initial phase and the line gives it expression. The piece is like a “tabula rasa” that receives elements and ideas until it has a life of its own life. A collection where colour and material are the key element, the way garments are cut create a dynamics with the several textures of materials and colours. The raw materials are wool, fur, organza, leather, mesh and acrylic. Base colours are black, navy blue and grey and secondary colours are dark beige, pearl beige and old pink.

About Designer

Cristina Real, was born in Lisbon on the 6th June 1989. In 2009 she finished high school in Visual Arts and she started her degree in Fashion Design in Citex- Vocational Training Centre for the Textile Industry, currently called Modatex- Vocational Training Centre for the Textile, Clothing, Confections and the Wool Industry. In 2012 she participated in the THE project, which resulted from the partnership with Modatex | THE Store, and was a presentation of a small collection that was within the shop’s concept remit. In December 2012, she participated in the Young Creators competition in Cascais, Lisbon, with her end of degree collection. After she finished her degree in Fashion Design, in Porto, she started an internship with the Portuguese Designer Alexandra Moura, in Lisbon, and became her assistant in the Spring | Summer 2013 and Fall | Winter 2013 | 14 collections. In March 2014, she participated in the Young Creators ( Sangue Novo ) competition in Lisbon Fashion Week, with her collection Fall - Winter 2014/15, in Lisbon.