DesignerLing Ching Yin Ho Chun Kin, Kenneth Siu Tien Sum
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

TURN NEGLECT INTO SHINE CAN-WATCH is a product that follows the concept of combining the maxims of sustainability with a social mission. The dial of this watch is made from the bottom of an ordinary soda can in an upcycling process that lends it a new meaning. Thus placed in a new context, the fascinating precision that went into its industrial manufacturing becomes visible. The aluminium soda can bottom is treated with a careful finish, turning it into an elegant design element. Equipped with a simple movement and a high-quality leather band, the CAN-WATCH showcases an entirely new language of form. It is produced in simple manufacturing steps via a hand-craftsmanship process. The watch is made by underprivileged people in local NGO workspaces, people who thus get the chance to pursue a meaningful activity. In order to ensure that this work can be done safely and efficiently, specific tools were designed that facilitate the production. By shifting perspective, an apparently simple, disposable and industrially produced consumer item re-emerged as a watch that makes a new, impressively strong statement.