29 Leonie Hill

DesignerVictor Ting
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Entry Description

This 30 year old 5000sqft 3 storey penthouse apartment located in the heart of the Singapore shopping district was completely revamped and remodeled. The owners are well-travelled individuals that love natures. Element of wood in various forms and shapes are used throughout the house, providing a woody and natural base note to the house. As the owners work from home and they requested for an open study that is able to interact with the living and dining areas. Walls were brought down and a store, part of the living room and a bathroom were re-configured to allow space for the new study. The newly crafted study serves as a backdrop for the living and dining halls. The stairs leading to the roof terrace leads to a delightful personal haven with a roof garden, swimming pool, steam room, lounge and cooking area. The roof garden is where the owners have their personal retreat and also hosting occasional parties and gatherings.