DesignerHeidar Sadeki, Clarissa Richardson
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Hong Kong, Argenta offers an exotic life style. The one-apartment-per-floor approach creates exclusivity and privacy while the panoramic views of Hong Kong skyline exude accessibility and privilege. The design direction was conceived with the demographics of a single person or young couple in mind and inspired by art direction from the movie “In the mood for love”, Jean Paul Gaultier’s 2009 vampire chic collection and Annie Leibovitz 2007 Vanity Fair Film Noir photo shoot “Killers Kill, Dead Men Die”. The project encapsulated the interior design and decoration including all accessories and artwork of 1,600 sq ft show flat.

About Designer

Richardson Sadeki is a design company that provides architectural, graphic, and packaging design for companies seeking integrated concept development and a unique end user experience. By offering a full array of services necessary to create a company’s visual image, Richardson Sadeki provides an intelligent approach to brand building, ensuring that a cohesive “personality” infuses every element. To this end, Richardson Sadeki undertakes unique and challenging projects that combine every aspect of design in the creation of a visual identity. Richardson Sadeki’s current projects cover a wide range of industries: hotels, condominium developments, spas, consumer goods, beauty, and medicine.