Mount Parker Residences

DesignerHeidar Sadeki
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The design concept for Mount Parker Residences was generated from the constructivist art movement in early 20th century. These painters created tone on tone works with basic geometry, unmistakable color and simple movement. Richardson Sadeki designed the show flats with a color palette that explores white on white, grey on grey and brown on brown. The simplicity of colors and geometry invites calm and happiness. It allows the occupant to be the primary presence in the space. The space is not ordinary yet it allows you to be ordinary. The space expresses an attitude, yet it is not imposing. You can put a yellow pillow on the bed and make the bedroom yours. These are sophisticated and easy flats. The project comprised of the interior design and decoration including all accessories and artwork of 2 show flats measuring 1,080 sq ft and 1,440 sq ft.

About Designer

Richardson Sadeki is a design company that provides architectural, graphic, and packaging design for companies seeking integrated concept development and a unique end user experience. By offering a full array of services necessary to create a company’s visual image, Richardson Sadeki provides an intelligent approach to brand building, ensuring that a cohesive “personality” infuses every element. To this end, Richardson Sadeki undertakes unique and challenging projects that combine every aspect of design in the creation of a visual identity. Richardson Sadeki’s current projects cover a wide range of industries: hotels, condominium developments, spas, consumer goods, beauty, and medicine.