Angular Momentum

DesignerHank M. Chao
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

To find the kinetic energy of the space flow and rhythm through the vector. Plane – by using the partition wall of the resting area to shunt entrance routes, it is the first curtain to go into the space, which divides the private working block and opening public sector. Small and medium-sized conference rooms, billiard (pool table), the recreation area are distributed on both sides separately. The partitions of two conference rooms are furnished by the linear engraving glass and giving light emphasis on the attributes of the office work. Resource Center area is totally open space with no obvious compartment separated; the corridor is connected in between the middle and serves as a small temporary exchange area for short discussion, the walkway itself leads the director office and diverted to the entertainment gym. Concepts - ranging from no halving two-dimensional plane and thus constitute a three-dimensional structure to form the kinetic energy of a clotted space. Different vector surface cut converge the intersection by each other, twist and flip on the axis, like a moving object frozen in the time, freeze. However, relatively it implies the object itself the next time of pre-formation the shape. In other words, the wall is no longer a dimension of the facade, but in a still picture of the state of motion. Therefore there is a change in vision and sense of space when getting into the space, it has a sense of movement, a visual cues, but change the substantial perception of the human, which makes the space a different interest.

About Designer

MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL is an award-winning company creating schemes for residential, contract, office and hospitality design in Shanghai, Tokyo and Taiwan. The practice was initially set up by Mr. Hank M. Chao as a platform for cross-disciplinary collaborations. Today the German, Spanish, American, Japanese, Australian, Taiwanese and Chinese press has reviewed the practice' s work. MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL projects range from public buildings to individual interiors for private clients. The practice has particular experience in the leisure and hospitality industry, developers, focusing on the design of contemporary bars, clubs and restaurants, hotels and private villas. Using a unique language of color, light and geometry,our interiors are sensuous and eventful. Space is carefully choreographed into stylish environments.