The Bagel Bar

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The fictional bagel bar based in Glasgow would offer a carefully selected range of ingredients as well as other exciting gourmet and delicatessen products of the highest quality. I wanted to create a brand that conveyed a healthy, fresh and professional feel whilst also retaining a modern look that would appeal to any city worker looking for lunch. Consumers grow more and more concerned about what they eat and drink and I wanted the brand to reassure them about the quality of the products. The design solution for the bagel bar branding is focused on a poetic, minimal style that highlights the simple process used when making a bagel in an engaging way. The pattern on the packaging has been hand drawn to show the unique way that bagels are made. I had to distinguish the company from the range of competitor companies that are based in Glasgow. As a result, my approach with clean, san serif typography gives the logo a luxurious feel mostly associated with high-end fashion brands.