2 in 1 Chair

DesignerYi-Teng SHIH, Qingli CHEN and Yuxiang SUN
Prize1st Place in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Furniture
Entry Description

Taking care of a baby can never be an easy thing to do, especially when they are eating. Because of at least two problems, it is very difficult to keep a baby sitting on a normal chair and eating. The first one is the height of the table, normally, it is impossible for a baby to eat on that table while sitting on a normal chair due to the fact that it is too high for babies. Secondly, if you have experience of taking care of a baby, you will know that it is very hard to keep a baby sitting on the chair, they will always move around and they may fell from the chair easily. With the design of this chair, both problems can be solved. The cushion is divided into two part, one part is fixed, and the other one can be removed. The part which can be removed can be fixed on the back of the chair and be used as a table for baby, which height is appropriate. Meanwhile, the table will hold the baby and the baby will not fall from the chair when he is exploring new objects near him.

About Designer

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