Asphaltt scooter

Prize2nd Place in Transportation / Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Entry Description

Asphaltt is a smart and green, yet affordable alternative to urban transportation from home to the workplace. The electric scooter features a large deck which is capable of holding two people and provides a more comfortable ride for longer distances. Asphaltt also features the unique ability to be navigation assisted by most common smart phones via a specially developed App. The App provides an anti thief system and controls the ignition of the scooter. Product’s body is made out of fully recyclable aluminum and plastics. Among other features the scooter comes with built in speakers that can connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth and also a convenient storage box to put a pair of shoes or other accessories. The Asphaltt is powered by long lasting batteries to deliver long run distances, and is able to recharge on any 120v outlets from home or the office. The scooter’s body can fold in two for easy transport and storage.

About Designer

Exonaute (literally “the outer explorer”) is a design agency funded in 2014 by French designer and entrepreneur Alex Vitet. The agency is mainly focusing on Product, Digital and Branding innovation that serve a national and international clientele. We are mature dreamers that understand how to implement dreams into high value core markets. Our work place is a fresh and dynamic environment located in the greater Boston area, Massachusetts, where creative juice and entrepreneurship connect together to make a better world.