Dr. Lai Dental Office

DesignerDavid Hu
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

In recent years, spa and boutique hotel aesthetics have transformed health care facilities. For the design of Dr. Lai's clinic, we explored further the realm where the ineffability of architecture and space inspires beyond sensual elements to create an experience that is lyrically dimensional and contemplative. The 3,300 SF existing “white box” was conceived to be one fluid space articulated with free standing spatial elements within carefully staged boundaries. The hung perforated ceiling consists of 85 custom-patterned CNC and white powder coated steel panels. It spans through the entire space at and extends the space vertically through the perforation, especially when the up-light system above the panels renders the ceiling beyond with a purple hue. The A/C and sprinkler systems are concealed behind the perforated ceiling to avoid visual interference. A white corian panel wall, embroidered with CNC-embossed patterns that reflect the theme of the ceiling, captures the constant shifting of light and shadow on the translucent patterns. The entire floor is finished with white-resin/white-glass terrazzo and floating elliptical dividers. These boundaries compose an expansive, continuous white space that sets the stage for the dynamic juxtaposition of elements within. On stage is the rhythmic layering of customized white corian furniture/partition punctuated by 5 red rose fabric-inlayed glass panels and multi-colored dental chairs. The waiting area is also separated by a silk-inlayed glass panel partition. These freestanding glass partitions are supported by 3/4" solid stainless steel posts anchored to the floor. The posts are laser cut with patterns that echo the ceiling and the wall. All principal materials in the composition were considered for their hygienic properties. The challenge of the design was to explore their poetic attributes and transform their sterile characteristics.

About Designer

EDUCATION WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, Saint Louis, Missouri Masters of Architecture, 1982 COLLEGE OF CHINESE CULTURE, Taipei, Taiwan Bachelor of Architecture, 1978 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Urbitran Associates, New York (1982 – 1985) John Burgee and Philip Johnson, New York (1985 – 1990) Ernest Guan and David Hu, Taipei (1992 – 1995) David Hu Architect, New York (1996 – Present) New York New Vision, New York (2006 – Present)