The Past

DesignerAndy Tan
Entry Description

I was reminiscing about the olden days of life in Singapore, when I realized that my client share the exact same thoughts. With too much modernization going on now, people tend to forget the simple life in the past. Inspired by my own memories, I want to recreate the same scenario and bring back the same nostalgic feeling. At the same time, share with the world a part of Singapore that they might not have seen. Back in the days when Singapore was not so advanced in technology, life was simple, even the design of houses. Majority of the population were made up of middle to low income families. People design their own homes, making use of materials that were affordable and easily available at that time. Therefore, much elements in this design is unique to Singaporeans who have lived through that era. Cement screed is heavily used in this house to give off the old school feel, on the floor and toilet walls. A partition wall made up of real decorative bricks and old rice sacks were recycled to be used as floor mat. An island table in the living room made of mosaic tiles and kitchen cabinet doors made of wire mash. One wall was painted in chalkboard paint. Wooden furnishings were chosen to add a touch of vintage.