Tuscan Kitchen

DesignerChantal Devane
Entry Description

The homeowners love to cook and entertain. They wanted a space that could accommodate more than one cook at a time and it could have multiple "stations" for performing various tasks simultaneously. And while they were preparing the meal, their friends could hang out and engage in conversation and enjoy some wine before moving into the dining room for their meal. The ceiling height started out at 13'8" high. It was too open and the added height created issues with both venting and lighting. We lowered the ceiling to a more manageable 12' height, which also helped with the overall feeling of the room in addition to the added function. I really wanted to make this space something that the homeowners really dreamt about. Some of the original ideas seemed a bit over the top for space and I wanted to be sure to keep the budget in check and consider resale value. We simplified some concepts to keep everything cohesive to the rest of the home, but still managed to make the space shine with uniqueness and original features. As a designer, I am reminded that in addition to making the clients happy, I should always trust my instinct and make a point of explaining why something will or will not work well in a space. It's a matter of trust, but it makes for a successful outcome.

About Designer

Devane Design is an award winning full-service interior design and interior remodeling business located in Eden Prairie, MN. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We focus on providing professional results as we create classically beautiful and unique interiors that reflect your own personal style.