Cabinet Hardware Redefined

DesignerPamela Anderson
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Contemporary Pull’s inaugural collection launched at the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show. These artisan crafted, recessed pulls offer a revolutionary hardware design. The innovative concept came about when the designer became frustrated searching for creatively inventive cabinet hardware during her own home remodel. Realizing that today’s pulls have not progressed in form or function beyond standard knobs and pulls, she was moved to design something to fit her vision. Enlisting her husband’s engineer expertise, they worked to refine and produce a unique look for cabinet pulls. The end result was an integrated piece, completely flush with the front and back of the cabinet; minimalist, artful yet functional. They worked with local manufacturers to create sustainable product: selecting materials, perfecting the milling, polishing and anodizing to achieve finely crafted pieces that could be produced easily. Care was given to every detail including the end process of installation. All pieces are sold with jig patterns that assist with custom fitting of the pulls. The 2014 collection consists of four lines with a total of 31 anodized aluminum pulls, featuring simple geometric patterns in six different colors — ebony, bronze, bordeaux, peacock, canary and natural aluminum. The pieces can be placed individually or in pairs while mixing styles and colors for sophisticated and playful combinations in furniture and cabinetry. The unique product now holds a U.S. patent and is patent pending in Europe. Contemporary Pull offers innovative designs that will, literally and figuratively, open possibilities.

About Designer

Contemporary Pull is an “Open Possibility” cabinetry hardware that is designed and manufactured in the United States. The artisan hardware is an innovative yet functional adornment designed to run flush with custom made cabinet doors and drawers. The 2014 inaugural line is comprised of 4 lines, which includes Square One, Round Two, Eclipse and Nouveau and contains 31 different unique pieces. The pulls are made of industrial grade aluminum and are anodized in 6 different colors. The company launched its product line at the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show (ADHDS) in New York, March 20-23. Contemporary Pull was created when Pamela, a recognized abstract artist, and Steven, her husband of 14 years, began their own kitchen redesign and realized the selection for creative cabinetry hardware was limited. After paging through a national design magazine, an article on a West coast architect caught her attention. She immediately made contact and was stunned at his response: the hardware he used was his own creation from one-of-a-kind finds at a London flea market. That was the inspiration Pamela needed and with the engineering assistance of her husband, Contemporary Pull was born. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Contemporary Pull is a green initiative-based company and all products are made with a water-based anodized process that eliminates harmful or toxic chemicals. In order to support a smaller carbon footprint, Contemporary Pulls are manufactured in the United States and excess materials from the manufacturing process are recycled. The unique product now holds a U.S. patent and is patent pending in Europe. The innovative designs literally and figuratively, open possibilities.