SENSE (packaging design)

DesignerDongdao Brand Design and Management
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

SENSE is China’s top-level Buddhist statue, items and aloeswood store. The products itself are awe-inspiring Buddha statues and a selection of Buddhist items, such as the treasured aloeswood incense. The packaging design carries on the concept of its logo: the wisdom of incense and Buddhism. This is especially evident when looking at Zen meditation. On the packages, the ancient map of China and Southern Asia can be seen, showing the origins of the incense, such as Jialuo which is a country in the old times. Black, gray and white, the colors of incense ash, are religious colors, signifying the enlightenment from the quietness away from colorful world. Now the three colors are applied here to represent the grades of aloeswood. The darker the packaging is, the higher the grade of the aloeswood. We simplified the technique for package production. Instead of having the card papers printed in three colors, we made one hot-stamping board for each grade of the product. This way, the patterns of the packages are easily stamped onto black, white and gray papers. The paper belt of each package is changeable according to its location; the product manual is made from left-over materials. By doing so, we manage to control the packaging cost at its minimum, while making no compromise on the quality of packages. This gesture also meets the teaching of incense culture: Modesty.

About Designer

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