S.: A book by J. J. Abrams

DesignerProduced by Melcher Media: President and Publisher: Charles Melcher; VP, Operations: Bonnie Eldon; VP, Editorial Director: Duncan Bock; VP, Global Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Logistics: Kurt Andrews; Senior Editor: Lauren Nathan; Editor: Megan Worman; Associate Digital Producer: Shannon Fanuko; Assistant Editor: Lynne Ciccaglione; — Design by Paul Kepple and Ralph Geroni at Headcase Design; Handwriting by Lynne Ciccaglione (Jen) and Megan Worman (Eric)
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Envisioned by J. J. Abrams and written by Doug Dorst, S. is an interactive, multilayered story centered around a fictitious 1949 novel, The Ship of Theseus, and its enigmatic author, V. M. Straka. Straka’s secrets are revealed when two students find the book and begin unraveling its mysteries via notes they write back and forth to each other in the margins. The story is supplemented by 22 removable pieces of ephemera. To produce the book, Melcher Media worked with Abrams and his team at Bad Robot, Dorst, designer Paul Kepple of Headcase Design, and our publishing partner, Mulholland Books.