DesignerSundar Muruganandhan
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Superfan, one of the most efficient and lowest power consuming fans worldwide, uses a super-efficient BLDC motor and digital inverter drive that enables it to consume little power while delivering the desired air circulation. Super X1 (48” span) consumes 35W for air delivery of 7700CFM at 385RPM and a mere 14W for 5200CFM at 270RPM. The airflow efficiency is greater than the ENERGY STAR® requirements. Innovative design and manufacturing has made Superfan more affordable and rich in features. Apart from energy efficiency Superfan has many compelling benefits to attract consumers for wide spread usage. Here is an example how Superfan can save huge amounts of energy: Studies reveal that there are an estimated 350 million fans used in India and this is increasing by 6% every year. If we assume that these fans are running at medium speed consuming 39W, then the electricity demand is 13650MW. Superfan gives a viable option to reduce this demand from 13650MW to 4900MW which results in huge reduction of 8750MW. Worldwide ceiling fans contribute significantly to residential energy consumption. An analysis by SEAD( reveals that by the year 2020, if 100% of ceiling fans are replaced by this energy efficient technology, the global residential energy consumption could be reduced by approximately 70 TWh per year. Superfan also comes in 56” span and in 110VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC versions. More Benefits: • Remote operated- no regulator needed and save more energy. • Aerodynamic and nature inspired blade design- High air delivery. • Digital control– Precise speeds. • No speed change due to supply variations (140 to 300Vac). • Simple & Easy installation. Eco-friendliness & Sustainability: • Reduced harmonics- Power factor better than 0.9 • ROHS electronics • VOC free paint • Green packing– recyclable card board box, no polythene bags & thermocole • Solar friendly– lower investment on panels and 24/12VDC versions available. • Durability– Powder coated aluminum body, overload, over/under voltage protection, cool operation of motor. • LED Stand-by power indication.

About Designer

Sundar Muruganandhan is the Managing Director of Versa Drives Private Limited. Superfan was designed and manufactured by Versadrives Private Limited. Mr.Sundar Muruganandhan did his BE (Electrical & Electronics) from Annamalai University, India and MSEE from University of Missouri - Rolla, USA. He is involved in General Management and Marketing. He is now responsible for putting Versa Drives in the global market.He has vast experience of product development in Electronics and Robotics. From 1989, when he started Computer Controlls Corporation, along with Mr. K. Durgasharan, who is also one of the Director of Versa Drives Private Limited. Mr. Durgasharan is graduated from Osmania University, India with BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and he did his M. Tech. from IIT - Madras. He worked in Systems Engineering and Robotics before he started Computer Controlls Corporation along with Sundar in 1989. He has been working in embedded system design and development. Now he is responsible for the design of Versa Drives.