DesignerMorgan Collyer-Jones
Prize3rd Place in Avant-garde / Women_AG
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Entry Description

In my research my I was inspired by the French word 'Dérive', for someone to leave their life behind and let the spirit of the landscape and architecture move them. That's what I tried to recreate with these garments. To be able to look at them and be inspired by the form and fluidity of the of both organic and man made scenery. The garments have been made with synthetic materials such as bonded foam as well as fluid natural fabrics such as Silk Chiffon to highlight the contrasting elements.

About Designer

Sempiternalis was established in 2013 by current student of the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Morgan Collyer-Jones. She favours experimentation with alternative textiles and Avant Garde silhouettes, drawing inspiration from the unnoticed and ignored flaws of the modern world. Always focused on technology innovation in fashion design, Morgan is looking at continuing her exploration into fashion as wearable art, and is hoping to experiment with 3D printing techniques in her future collections.