PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

ENVELOOP combines a letter and an envelope into one single product. Lines are printed on the underside of the envelope. With just a few dash lines pressed on the envelope, more than half of it can be reused as writing paper by simply tearing off part of the envelope. This environmental friendly and fun design creates an upcycle to an ordinary envelope and applies perfectly on love letters. Hand written letters have always been the best way to express our feelings far beyond verbal communication. The ‘boyfriend’ and the ‘girlfriend’ series form an endless loop of conversation.

About Designer

pollui studied at The Manchester School of Architecture and The University of Hong Kong, with a bachelor and master degree in architecture. Although he has been formally receiving architectural design training, his passion to design is not limited to any media. He is fascinated to all sorts of design, from graphic to spatial, from 1D to 3D. Everything inspires him. pollui believes good design should be simple and that time should be spent on appreciating a design rather than understanding it. ‘Classic with a twist’ best illustrates his design approach.