ClientAlis Cambol
DesignerTed Booth
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

NBBJ is a leading international architecture firm who initially partnered with Method to update their outdated and difficult-to-use Flash website. Their previous site did not communicate the authoritative position the firm holds in the market, and it was an inefficient space to highlight their work, people and culture. To create a strong foundation for the rest of the project, Method collaborated closely with NBBJ to develop and define the firm from the perspective of tone, design and brand, allowing a strategic and articulate communications position emerge from the work. Method then used this information to establish their visual tone and language online, working with the NBBJ team to translate their core values into a fresh, bold, and differentiated web experience. By surfacing thought leadership and case history through imagery and bold statements, Method has helped the NBBJ team to highlight their strengths and expertise in more interesting and relevant ways. In addition to designing an expressive front-end, Method also worked with the client to design and develop a custom CMS that would serve their unique needs and workflow requirements.

About Designer

Method is an experience design firm. We collaborate with clients to bring insight, strategy, and design to solve the complex problems facing brands, products and services in a connected world. Helping clients clarify the purpose and intent of their brand, we give their customers a reason to care, and lead the creation of unique and innovative experiences that engage customers around value. Located in SF, NY, and London, we have over 15 years experience in using the lens of experience design to provide clients with a service design approach to delivering value that spans all stages and touchpoints of the customer's relationship with a brand.