Prize1st Place in Media And Home Electronics / Phone and Other Communications Technology
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NuWave is an assistive hearing device designed to eliminate the stigma associated with hearing loss. The eyewear, a trendy solution for those with or without prescriptive lenses, utilizes bone conduction technology to provide the user with crisp, clean sound. Two front-facing microphones capture environmental noise which is then sent to the bone conduction transducers, located on the temples of the glasses. The transducers translate the sound waves into vibrations that travel through the skull bones, directly to the cochlea. NuWave glasses are used in conjunction with a mobile application which works as a remote control. With the app, users can customize different features of the assistive hearing device, such as determining whether light or sound alerts them of incoming calls, messages, and appointments. More importantly, the mobile app enables the user to adjust the volume level of the bone conduction glasses in a simple and discreet manner. The device also allows users to comfortably listen to music while keeping their ears free from obstruction. With its classic style and innovative use of technology, NuWave is the perfect solution for individuals of all hearing abilities.