Radian Group Inc.

ClientMark Todaro
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Entry Description

1. With the goal of projecting a forward-thinking and innovative image to staff and clients and embarking on a path of change, the design intent for Radian’s new space was to provide a technology-driven and collaborative space that is fresh, open and multi-functional through the use of: a. Non-hierarchical workspaces that provide equal furniture, amenities, daylighting and views of the city b. Flexible furniture and writable surfaces that facilitate workflow and promote collaboration c. Flexible A/V design that supports a wide platform of devices for ease of communication of ideas d. Integrated furniture that utilizes visually untethered power that allows for unique work styles for different people and different needs e. Noise-cancelling technology and sound absorptive materials that promote an open, collaborative-style plan while also minimizing noise overflow 2. NELSON also provided Radian with change management services which utilized E-Work, an online resource that provides a platform to help transition staff to changing office environments. 3. Additional benefits of the new space design include: a. Reduction of square footage per person b. Reduction of overall corporate carbon footprint c. The new space design will attract and retain technical talent by featuring a state of the art work space