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Background: This is a 2 storey luxury villa with a basement. It has a built-in area of about 500 sqm. Site: The villa is located in one of the residential estate named Dianci Satellite City in Kunming. Design Brief: To have a contemporary home with rooms for some vernacular furniture and art. The garage is situated at the basement, thus the basement is to be transformed as the main living space instead of the first storey. As the basement has a ceiling height of more than 5 meters, mezzanine level is to be considered. Design Concept: The villa spaces are crafted with “clean lines” and expressed as volumes and planes. The whole villa is being divided into 4 levels, linked by a single staircase. The originally untidy staircase railing is being expressed as a continuous sliced apple skin, hanging from the top level to the basement. The whole house is composed of different “volumes” which fits together like a 3 dimensional zig-saw puzzle. A giant granite-cladded wall / plane “sliced” right into the middle of the house, becoming the main focus when one enters the house from both the first storey as well as the basement. At the basement, making use of the existing staircase landing, no additional steps are required to enter into the new mezzanine level. One side of the landing leads to the guest bedroom while the other leads to the study room & wine storage.The mezzanine spaces are being expressed as “floating volumes” in the huge basement, adding to the visual impact at the basement. The movie room is also expressed as another volumes at the basement. The 3 main “volumes” at the basement are cladded in teakwood planks. Basement floor and columns are covered in white volax marble, contrasting the black ceiling, and travertine marbles on all remainder walls, allowing the “volumes” to stand out even more. Moving up the first storey, the living room wall, covered with timber built-in furniture and panel, is expressed as a protruding volume. The opposite wall is another “volume” covered with storage and display cabinets, acting as the backdrop for the tea area behind the sofa. Dinning area is expressed as a “hovering platform”. Adding to the “open plan”, the kitchen is only separated from the dinning by an open breakfast counter. The second storey houses the master bedroom,the child's bedroom as well as the family room. Master bedroom consists of an attached bathroom and a walk-in-wardrobe. The doors to these spaces are concealed along theTV wall. The bedroom brings the concept of “inter-locking volumes” to a more intimate scale. The child's room consist of an attached bathroom and study room with similar expression.

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Society of Interior Designers, Singapore - President Yunnan Interior Design Industry Association - Honorary President Singapore ID Accreditation Council - Chairman (2013-2014) Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, China - Visiting Professor Southwest Forestry University, China - Visiting Professor University of Central Lancashire, UK - External Assessor Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore -External Assessor Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore - External Examiner Singapore Polytechnics, Singapore - External Examiner I-Ding Award 2015, China - Chief Judge Nat’l Ter Instn ID Yunnan Competition 2013, China - Chief Judge Nippon Paint Y D Award 2011-13, Singapore - Chief Judge A’Design Awards & Competition 2013 -14, Italy - Jury Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2014, Hong Kong - International Judge Singapore Design Awards - Asia’s Top Designers 2014 Perspective 40 under 40 Award 2015 - Recipient (Architecture)