A Duplex of Intuitive Connections

DesignerGabi Liekenjie
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The duplex is a story about the need for intertwining visual connections, wherever the users are, within the spaces. Whether it's from one floor to another, from kitchen to dining, dining to kids space, or taking a nap in bed with glimpses through a fire place overviewing the Study beyond an opening framed by flames off the fireplace, every volume of space is visually connected in a orchestrated way to provide the degree of privacy demanded but yet seamlessly "transparent". The owners requested a consistent degree of visual coverage to their kids which forms of underlying principle of this interior design. The overall composition of colours and materials have resided to a juxtaposition between white, grey and Scandinavian Oak. The duplex enjoys daylight and views from all sides penetrating deep into the floor plate. All rooms are positioned along the perimetre to maximise daylight. Unit size : 3600 sqft. Number of floors : 2. Completion date : March 2014