Liverpool Veracruz

CompanyFRCH Design Worldwide
ClientHeeSun Kim
DesignerHeeSun Kim, VP Design Creative Director Young Rok Park, VP Design Creative Director Claudia Cerchiara, VP Client and Project Manager Steve Gardner, VP Principal Lara Roller, Senior Designer Amanda Searfoss, Junior Designer Amy Baffi, Junior Designer Deb Casey, Senior Planner & Merchandising Lori Kolthoff, Creative Director – Resource Design Jennifer Eng, Senior Designer Brad Kalchek, Senior Architect – Bim Manager Jonathan Wood, Senior Architect – Bim Manager Anne Fugazzi, Junior Architect Joe Brumback, Junior Architect – Bim Manager
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Entry Description

The goal of Veracruz, the newest Liverpool department store located in front of a Marina in the residential beach community of Boca del Rio, was to design a social oasis for a resort community that was not only conscious of location but utilized the surrounding nature as inspiration for the organic interior color, textures and patterns. We wanted to create a space that balances nature and modernism. The final product is a sun-drenched store that celebrates its natural surroundings while acting as an artful canvas of discovery with its modern, clean finishes. The design of the façade includes a triple high glass wall in the Food Hall “Experiencia Gourmet” that allows for an extraordinary view of the marina below. This also allows sunlight to pour through the building and filter through architectural screens at the heart of the store, producing a lively pattern of movement and shadow throughout the day. This layering of lines and bending of forms was meant to simulate the motion of wind and water. The organic circulation of the stores’ iconic round ceiling architecture leads the customer on a path of natural discovery and is also mimicked through the dramatic escalator well. The lighting of the store is used to support and differentiate the numerous departments, giving a distinct atmosphere, personality and feeling. We wanted to create a space that balances nature and modernism, so we used a variety of texture, color, and organic shapes to accomplish this. To create movement and texture in the flooring, we used a 60% to 40% ratio of marble and porcelain tile. This brought the natural elements into the space, but also allowed for a mixture of man-made materials.