Breastfeeding Support through Google Glass

CompanySmall World Social
ClientAndrew Hibberd
Designer"Kim Jensen", "Madeline Sands", "Lucy Coleman", "Elloise Foster", "Ethan Fan"
Prize3rd Place in Multimedia / Interface Design
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Entry Description

The Melbourne technology start-up, Small World Social collaborated with the Australian Breastfeeding Association to create a world first program of Breastfeeding support utilizing a wearable device – Google Glass. The program included: 1. An online App of medically endorsed information 2. A hands-free wearable device - Google Glass which provided step-by-step visual tutorials and live one-on-one video counseling support 3. An online peer support community With 4 million babies born in the USA each year and 300,000 babies born in Australia, supporting women breastfeeding has been a neglected area of design innovation. This project focused on bringing this important area into the 21st century with beautiful design across all form factor UX interfaces, instructional materials and display guides. It has received praise and encouragement from the design community around the world, which the young team has greatly appreciated. look/ works/ /

About Designer

Small World Social solves problems with technology by helping to transfer knowledge, most often in complex and tacit areas of science, health and medicine. We work at the edge of a new field in computer science called contextual computing which enables responsive design experiences based on an individuals preferences, devices, physical locations and behavior - bridging the gap between face-to-face and current online approaches. Transferring knowledge is no longer limited to a one-way push, now it can be highly personalized with the user and the computing system continually evolving, learning and customizing experiences to be relevant and meaningful. With offices in the US, Germany and Australia, Small World Social works with international Fortune 500 clients in several geographic markets. With an young team of technologist and innovators with diverse backgrounds who are most inspired when the problem is complex, compliance mandated or requiring behavioral change. Combining outstanding design with story telling and technology enables us to utilize the latest in wearable devices and proximity technologies to provide unique content experiences.