Playful Pediatric

DesignerBrianne Verstat, ASID Christine Barbour, Partner
Entry Description

This group of pediatric doctors was looking to create a unique learning environment for their patients; one which they were excited (not afraid) to visit and a place where they could learn more about the environment and how to take care of Mother Earth. Their interest to Mother Earth expanded beyond just the design, they were committed to sustainable selections in both the building and the furnishings and applied for LEED accreditation upon completion of the building. Thoughtful touches throughout the building include a two story entrance with dancing leaves and colorful tulip lit-flowers overhead. Each department has a "story" and corresponding design: The Water Wing has a river running through the corridors. The doctors said they knew it was a home run on opening day when one of their young patients laid down on the floor and said he was "swimming"! The Wind & Sky Wing has colorful blue clouds over each nurse station. The Landscape Wing has a story about growing trees (giving patients the opportunity to talk about growing up). The Teen Wing educates older patients on the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recyle.