DesignerJoseph Bellomo
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Innovative, sustainable, and sculptural, this design was born out of a shared reverence for the bicycle and the urban environment. The structure, inspired by the essential fluidity of the bicycle’s form, supports a variety of bicycle types. Bike Arc contains multiple iterations of the same fundamental concept: a modular structure of steel arc. The iterations are named as Rac Arc, Half Arc, Umbrella Arc, Bus Arc, and Tube Arc. Each iteration is suited for different environments in urban and private locations to serve a variety of community needs, while still seamlessly blending into the natural environment. The system’s modular design allows for multiple configurations that could serve as iconic urban furniture. The small footprint combined with the ability to cantilever over landscape areas makes this design ideal for locations where space is at a premium such as transit stops, educational/corporate campuses, and city parks. It is a unique design that organizes and honors the bicycle with superb security. RAC ARC It offers basic, affordable, and attractive bicycle parking while seamlessly blending into the natural environment. HALF ARC It provides weather protection for the bicycle while still maintaining a small footprint. It has the ability to cantilever over existing or proposed landscaped areas, thereby requiring less space from the urban environs. UMBRELA ARC It organizes bicycles in a beautiful and efficient manner by combining the usability of the Half Arc with sculptural organization. The Umbrella Arc securely parks 8 bicycles in a small circular footprint. BUS ARC Provides secured parking for Bikes and a comfortable bench for seating with weather protection. Ideal for the Bus Stops. TUBE ARC Completely enclosed, the Tube Arc offers the bicycle exceptional security, ease of use, and total protection from the weather. The Tube Arc has the ability to store between 16 to 60+ bikes in a secure and visible environment.