Daily Patterns: The secret of bowel movement

DesignerKindra Murphy
PrizeHonorable Mention
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My project includes two publications: The Bowel Fantasy and Puzzle Solved!, they both explore the possibilities in visual storytelling and are both related to my daily experiences. I chose patterns as the vehicle to support my stories because patterns and daily routines have a shared characteristic: repetition. Due to my personal physiology, I'm interested in issues with digestion, thus I developed these ideas into an imaginary story. Applying different aesthetics is my method to visually distinguish these two publications; color, layout, and typography are the three things that differentiate them: The style of Puzzle Solved! is clean, informative, and documentary while The Bowel Fantasy is playful and narrative, patterns exist as a leader to guide the viewers into entering a fairytale-like atmosphere. In addition, patterns function differently based on the style of the book; The Bowel Fantasy is a highly illustrative book where the patterns function narratively and decoratively, such as in the position of editorial illustration; Puzzle solved! is report-based, the patterns are functioned as info graphics such as pie-chart and timelines. Moreover, in order to connect the patterns and the content, I bring seemingly newspaper elements to it such as "headlines", "in-depth reporting", newspaper puzzle games (sudoku, crossword, and the answers) and advertisement. I’m eager to integrate patterns in different fields instead of placing it in a completely decorative position.

About Designer

Ning Kang is a Taiwan and New York based graphic designer and illustrator, currently lives in NYC. Ning Kang is focusing on poster design, book design, pattern design and illustrative works, she enjoys exploring different aesthetics, applying design works in various media, and pushing herself beyond comfort zone. She likes coffee and is a workholic!