Global Lives

ClientDerek Kim
DesignerMelissa Martin
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Global Lives is a volunteer-based creative collaboration focused on the cultivation of empathy by documenting human experience through film. With their website being the most accessed touchpoint for the brand, Global Lives asked Method to design a new online experience that enabled visitors to engage with their rich video content in meaningful ways. The initiative included defining a flexible system architecture, interaction model, brand identity and visual language. The challenges of the project included designing a powerful, flexible identity and visual language that more accurately communicates the Global Lives mission and philosophy of connectedness, empathy and diversity. By providing copywriting guidance, formatting standards and photography styling guidelines, Global Lives is now able to achieve higher quality and succinct storytelling through their website. Method created a dynamic identity system that was extended to both online and offline experiences with an experience strategy that clearly articulated the overarching design principles, emphasizing ties to the resulting interaction framework, identity system and visual language. Through successfully developing a user experience that presents the rich video content in approachable and meaningful ways, the new website encourages participation and provides easier access to resources for producers, filmmakers, educators and curators. Method equipped Global Lives with a fresh and powerful identity and user experience able to build brand credibility, awareness and secure future funding through a new NEA grant acquired this past month. A phased approach focused on a foundational design is being developed that could support later extension to include more advanced features. Phase 2 is currently being implemented, and will center the experience on video, making it more accessible, approachable and meaningful to the general public.

About Designer

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